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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 3, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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host for hollywood's biggest need on this of "feed frenzy." >> hostess with the mostest, ellen degeneres announced today on twitter she would be hosting the next academy awards. it is official, i'm hosting the oscars, i would like to thank the academy, my wife, porscha, and oh, dear, there goes the orchestra. >> it is my job to relax you and put your mind at ease that this is a make or break night. >> who is known for being nicer than this year's controversy choice, seth m and they let out a big sigh of refuse leave. dumpster diving, chicken or
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fish? this guy wants it all and will take it to go. a beer in colorado springs has been looting dumpsters, looking for left-overs, well, seems like he had a little wheeling and dealing going on, talk about a thief in the night. talk about dine and dance. thank you for joining us, have a good weekend. we'll be right here tomorrow. as always, we're on line on
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just doing nothing. everybody is trying to find solutions. >> so far there are none as thousands of bay area commuters await for any sign of progress. >> we are a little more than 48 hours before one of the biggest transit systems in the nation could come to a stop. >> here is where we stand now with little more than two days to go until the strike deadline. all three unions and bart have ended talks for the night. >> negotiators give mow indication that a breakthrough was imminent. >> bart general manager says she is optimistic they can reach an agreement bynight. night. >> we have team coverage with the latest tonight. >> reporter: bart's lead negotiator pushed through a gauntlet of reporters and talked while he walked about on going negotiations. >> as long as you continue to
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meet there is progress. >> reporter: just before 8:00 p.m. the talks ended for the night with a sunday night deadline looming. >> at this time there is no discussion about extending the contract. >> reporter: chris fin is a union negotiator and train operator and said ten minutes of negotiations happened today pinning the last conversation on the lead negotiator. >> people would like to talk more but when he is in the room they have stated that they are not free to express their opinion. >> reporter: bart's general manager spent plenty of time during an afternoon briefing defending hawk saying attacks on him are part of the union strategynd says and says union have to be controlled. >> our system is 40 years old. we are out of trains. we had to order a complete new set of trains. >> reporter: a fare increase will fund the improvements but
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says any wage increases will have to come from somewhere else. right now federal and state funds are unavailable. >> governor brown has the authority to issue a 60 day cooling off period but a spokesman for the governor says he is monitoring the situation but has not received a request in that regard. a new poll suggests the public is largely opposed to a strike. 70% of those surveyed are against any walkout. only 30% would support it. more on the impact on what a strike would have on the bay area. >> reporter: understandably business owners and residents who rely on bart for transportation are very concerned about what a strike could bring their bottom line. >> we are losing money. we are losing time. >> reporter: vanessa oliver
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almost lost her job when bart went on strike in july. she commutes from the east bay. she said her employer isn't very lenient when it comes to attendance and family. >> it was a huge inconvenience. especially since my son's school is in hayward. i had to find a way to get him to school and try to get to work on time. >> reporter: after work she paid the price. >> it end up costing me almost $120 just for the late fee of picking him up. >> reporter: those bills add up for commuters and the economy. the bay area council estimates the economic impact. >> a bart strike costs us about $73 million a day. that is people sitting in traffic, having to find other ways to get to work or to get to where they are going. >> reporter: that doesn't include the trickle down effect.
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bartender says the busindepends depends on people being able to get to work. >> a lot of our customers come in for lunch. if they are not making it to work or telecommunicating from home then we don't have lunch business. >> reporter: fewer customers, fewer dollars. >> the business needs the customers. definitely affects everybody where it hurts. >> reporter: she like so many others hope bart and unions can come to an agreement without striking. >> car pooling could be the key to traffic reducing traffic con if there is a strike. officials expect ten percent more traffic this time. many commuters are expected to turn to ride sharing apps to find rides. during the last strike apps saw a 50% increase in drivers and riders. the ride sharing app carma is
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offering cash back to drivers who sign up to participate. another option is the ferries. sf bay will run extra ferries. there will be 13 vessels system wide instead of the normal eight. golden gate transit will have no additional service. >> other public transit agencies are gearing up for the possibility of a bart strike. cal train said it may bart plans to add 95 charter buses to shuttle passengers from these five east bay locations on this map with a possible addition. we have assembled a full range of resources for you including alternative transit options as well as real time traffic maps.
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you can download the exclusive abc 7 news waze traffic app. bart talks will resume again at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. be sure to stay with abc news through the weekend. on monday the morning news gets off to an early start 4:00 a.m. anchors eric thomas and traffic reporterer will be keeping a close eye on the morning commute for you especially if there is a strike. it all starts at people with respiratory problems are being told to stay inside because of a garbage fire. crews are tackling the fire a a the transfer station. it has been contained but fire e trash looking for digging hot spots to put out. traffic back to normal after
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a bomb squad responded to a call of a suspicious device near mason. police told people to shelter in place while they checked out the device. it was detonated. streets reopened before 9:00. the bomb squad tells us the device was not explosive. developing news in oakland where investigators are trying to find clues into the city's 58th homicide of the year. just after 6:00 tonight officers found one man dead at the scene. police have yet to say if anyone else was injured and released few details. more shocking details revealed in the case of two lake county men charged with sexually assaulting and inflaming a teen. they both pleaded not guilty to the charges which include growing and trafficking marijuana. court records reveal the 15 year
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old kept a metal box with holes in. faces weapons charges for an arsenal on that property. the former court judge who built his neighbor out of $1.6 million pleaded no contest to two felonies. through a plea deal 58-year-old avoided what might have been lengthy prison term. under this plea deal he will be banned from holding judicial office. hikers in the east bay are being warned to watch out for rattlesnakes after one was spotted a week ago. there are posted warnings. the snakes are common to the area although they usually remain unseen. a wild life expert told us the dry weather could make the as active as they
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search for water and food. >> seen them on the trails many times. coming up next a warning for travellers tonight. the government is so concerned about it and what you should know. the policeman who just went for the ride of his life on the hood of a suspect's car. the bay area little leaguers chasing a world series dream. at the top of our high definition camera you can
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u.s. embassies around the
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world are on high alert tonight and americans traveling abroad are being warned about a credible terrorist threat. how are travellers reacting to this? >> reporter: we are not sensing much anxiety out here tonight but the warning cautions americans to be wary of public transportation and tourist sites. it is a global travel alert but the u.s. is concentrating much of its attention on the muslim world. abc news spoke with the chairman of the joint chiefs. >> the intent is to attack western. >> reporter: the warning expires at the end of the month. >> some people don't take it into account when the u.s. does this because they have done it so many times. >> reporter: the comment
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reflects the attitude of most international travellers we spoke to tonight. >> i guess it is an every day thing now terrorists and whatever. >> i'm from london. we are used to travel problems all the time. >> reporter: a former cia case officer in the mid east says the threat in that region appears to be very real. >> i would say if you don't have urgent business in that part of the world >> repor >> reporter: it is a sign the u.s. has picked up on what it believes to be a credible threat. >> it has to be fairly specific, the sources and phone calls are probably pretty well known. my only question is will the attack occur in the middle east. >> reporter: says al kieal
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has done this before. >> 55 were fired from the army and five more from the navy. chuck hagel ordered the review in may after a pentagon report found 26,000 troops sexually assaulted last year. a russian driver back in jail after taking a policeman on an unwanted ride. you can see the driver take off as the policeman approaches his car. he drives through traffic with the officer franticly holding on. the officer slips off about a half a mile later. we are told he is going to be okay. the driver said he took off because he was afraid of going back to prison. social media helps police track down a man accused of being a serial dine and dasher. this guy saying he took off without paying a large bill.
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several other restaurant owners said he did the same thing to them. facebook users recognized him. he was arrested on thursday for probation violation. he says it was just a mistake. at 11:00 family and friends of the little league team came out to watch the kids in playoff tonight. they had a lot to cheer about. the team played arizona in the first game. sean lee was the starting pitcher for the all stars. he is tough to hit if you even have never batted against him. >> he has a fastball, change-up, curveball, pretty much everything. >> larry will tell you how the boys did but you can get an idea from the crowd here. comedian ellen degeneres will host next years oscars. she tweeted the announcement.
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degeneres was widely praised after she hosted the academy awards in 2007. abc 7 is the only place to see the 2014 academy awards on sunday, march 2. that is kind of funny to get an award for hosting an award. >> she did do a great job. let's get a check of the forecast. the weekend is upon us. >> tracking it all. >> the weekend look s fantastic if you like today's weather just duplicate it for tomorrow. sunday changes. doppler showing low clouds near the coast and locally near the bay. we don't have a strong breeze. the marine layer is not that deep tonight. here is a view from our high definition camera. you can see gray skies. san francisco 56 right now. 57 in oakland.
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upper 50s san jose. half moon bay 55 degrees. from our camera you can see the fog obscuring a little. that is what you are going to see tomorrow morning. 55 in santa rosa. 60 in fairfield and hanging on to mild weather in concord. from our kgo roof camera overcast skies looking down. low clouds coast and bay tonight. cooling trend takes place sunday and it continues right on through the middle of next week. the second half of your weekend temperatures trending a little lower. we have been in a coolerer than normal mode for quite some time. this week temperatures shy of where they should be for this time of year. steady on shore flow, dip in the jet stream keeping the cool ocean air coming in. that is not going to change much. as you look at the computer
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animation that sits off the coast and comes over us so the temperatures will not be rising to summer like levels. no sign of summer heat right through thursday. we are not expecting triple digits around here. tomorrow morning on the cool side. you will see clouds around. bundle up if you have early plans. for the afternoon sunshine in the south bay. 78. 80 in gilroy on the peninsula temperatures in the upper 70s. 58 degrees on the coast in pacifica. you are used to seeing the fog around this time of year. mid 60s downtown san francisco. in the north bay sunshine, mild weather. santa rosa 83. 75 for you in san rafael. towards the east bay temperatures low to mid 70s range with nothing but blue skies once the morning rs away.
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inland spots walnut creek, concord mid 80s. 88 in antioch. a look at the seven day forecast. notice the absence of hot weather. we go cooler on sunday. tuesday and wednesday only low 80s inland. upper 50s coast. temperatures rebound thursday and friday. should be seeing about 90 degrees in places like livermore so we are falling short of summer time temperatures. the watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. >> it is a new way to experience abc anytime anywhere. you can enjoy your favorite newscast and tv shows on your smart phone, tablet, computer live and on demand. >> it is a special new benefit brought to you by abc, comcast, charter communications and at&t uverse. just enter your tv provider
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account information to log in and get the watch abc live stream or search watch abc to download the app. >> and it's fantastic really. if you haven't tried it check it out. >> trying to hold on to first place. tonight's game with texas did not help. is this the catch of the
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last week it looked like the as might run away with the american league west title.
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rangers 2 1/2 back. this is osage racing. henderson. rangers pitcher walks five batters in four innings including two that scored on this double in the first. 2-0 as in a flash. rangers tied it up. in the fourth from the island a two-run homer. tommy malone gave up six runs. the rangers roll to their fifth straight win. sparky is not having any fun at all. madison was. brandon belt has been in a horrid slump. this would be your slump buster gone. he triples and singled. 1-1 game. the very next batter high deep.
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a two-run blast as the giants take the series opener 4-1. could this be the catch of the year? angels outfielder robs with a leaping catch. over the wall. even though he landed over the wall he caught it. it is not a home run. that is an out. it is spectacular. little league baseball. bel this game is all belmont. third inning. their pitcher bringing it. way to go, kid. 14 strikeouts. complete game. in the fourth might be, could be and is out of here. belmont cruising 8-0 in the first regional game will play hawaii sunday morning. the raiders have signed
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sebastian to a contract extension worth just under $19 million, the highest paid kicker in football. made 31 of 34 field goal attempts last season. tiger woods has not won a major in five years but still quite capable as he showed. tiger began two back. took care oft that in a hurry. birdie on one and eagle on two. five under for the first five holes. made a run at 59 but settled for a nine under 61 and leads by seven strokes. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> thanks very much. powerball fever is back. >> this weekend's
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it is going to be a cool start first thing tomorrow morning. clear skies inland. lisa is here starting at 5:00 a.m. >> it's only been three months
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since powerball fever gripped the nation. >> tomorrow's jackpot will top $300 million. >> tickets $2 a piece. it won't be easy to win. the chances of winning are one in 175 million. >> a florida woman won $490 million in may. your odds are slightly better if you have a ticket. >> thanks for joining us. >> hope you have a great weekend. we appreciate your time. >> good night.
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previously on live big with ali vincent. i don't know how fair it was but mom did win the first live big challenge.
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mechanical bull riding. she did pay the guy twenty bucks to get me thrown off. yay i win. then we got lost, really lost going to the live big group hike. mom was supposed to be navigating. at the end of the hike i yelled at my mom. mom can you shut because i'm talking, but i apologized, but now it looks like she owes me an apology. when i became the first female to win the biggest loser life focused on calorie counting, diet and exercise, all that stuff is still very important i'm realize that to truly live big i need to live life to the fullest. doing new things and challenging myself, so now on live big with ali vincent, everyday will be a new adventure. i want to be surprised. what? no.


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